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Board & Staff Christmas Banquet

November 28, 2018

Once again, this years’ Board and Staff Christmas Banquet turned out to be a wonderful evening that was well attended.  This event is planned and organized by the Gateway Wellness Committee. The evening included a delicious supper at the Days Inn Convention Centre, prepared and served by George K. Catering; it included the presentation of the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 Years of Service Recognition Awards; it included entertainment provided by comedian Big Daddy Taz, who has often been described as one of the best comics in the business. He did not disappoint.

The 2018 Service Awards were as follows:
5 Years of Service: Tyler Loewen, Debbie Winter, Rhonda Friesen, Stephen Krahn, Mercy Muyambo,  Allison Wiebe, Denise Enns, Melanie Chaboyer, and Lina Klassen.

10 Years of Service: Tom Baker, Lydia Hildebrand, Betty Peters, Patrick Simoens, and Margo Vachon.

15 Years of Service: Cornie Hildebrand, Erma Thiessen, Aline Winters.

20 Years of Service: Helen Warkentin

25 Years of Service: Tina Wolf
Congratulations to everyone who received a service award.

Thoughts about the banquet from Tina Wolfe, chair of the Wellness Committee and recipient of the 25 Years of Service Award about the evening were as follows. I thought the evening went really well and we had a really good turnout. I just wished that, although many who received awards were at the banquet, that all the people who received awards from Gateway had been there to receive them. To me it means a lot when I receive an award and I always try my best to be at the event where it is being presented. Overall the food and entertainment was great and it was a very enjoyable evening.

PattyAnne LePage, co-chair of the Wellness Committee and Director of Human Resources had this to say about the evening. One thing that really struck me from that night was when I asked people how they enjoyed the evening, employees mentioned that it was a great opportunity for family/friends who had been invited as a guest to see what Gateway was all about; to see the work that we do. The evening gave them a bit more understanding and insight into the organization. They heard how employees who have been with Gateway for a long time or for a short time – both ends of the spectrum, have a lot of care in their hearts for what they do and for the people that Gateway supports.

Some comments from some of the Gateway employees who were in attendance at the banquet:

  • Entertainment and food was good. It was a really nice outing.
  • The food was awesome as usual; entertainment was enjoyed; good company at our table; all around the evening was well attended; good atmosphere.
  • It was alright. It was good. I thought the entertainer was decent enough. I have only been to about 2 banquets previously and doing what I do, I only see a small part of the organization, so seeing the greater network that evening was interesting to me.
  • I liked the banquet. This year was good. I have no complaints.
  • I enjoyed it. The food was good and I liked the comedian’s sense of humour. I liked his style. I really enjoyed it.
  • I really enjoyed it. It was really good. I really liked the comedian. It was nice to laugh with people. I thought that was a really nice touch.

In conclusion, Kim Nelson, CEO of Gateway Resources Inc. had this to say about the evening. The Annual Christmas Staff and Board Banquet is one of my favorite Gateway events. It’s a great opportunity to see many staff and significant others out for the evening.  It allows us the opportunity to share delicious food, stories, success, visits, laughter and great entertainment. Being able to recognize employee milestones and sharing the success of each and every one truly resonates that we have amazing DSP’s in all divisions, and I love having the opportunity to thank everyone for the commitment, dedication and time they give to the organization means a lot to me BECAUSE every employee of Gateway is a walking expression of the Spirit of Christmas.

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