Donations are essential for our organization. There are various ways to donate.

Financially support Gateway Resources directly:
You can financially support us by sending a donation directly to Gateway Resources. (Make the cheque payable to Gateway Resources Inc.) We will issue a charitable tax receipt for the amount of the donation. The funds are used in the current year to offset costs for capital projects.

Financially support Gateway Resources through the Winkler Community Foundation:
The Winkler Community Foundation manages the Gateway Resources fund. This fund, under the auspices of the Winkler Community Foundation, will ensure that there will always be capital funds available to Gateway for capital projects, and this fund will allow us to continue providing enhanced services to adults living with an intellectual disability in our community.

Donations to Gateway Resources Inc. through the Foundation must be made out to the Winkler Community Foundation with a note earmarking that the donation be applied to the Gateway Resources Fund. For more information on donating to this fund, please contact the Winkler Community Foundation.

There are several ways to give to Gateway Resources through the foundation:

  • You can make a Gift of Money.
  • Gifts can be designated to the Foundation in your will.
  • Some individuals designate a percentage of their remaining assets to be given to a named charity; others will designate the charity as one of several people (ie: children) or organizations to receive equal shares in the estate.
  • Gifts in memory/celebration of an individual.
  • Gifts of life insurance proceeds with the beneficiary listed as the Winkler Community Foundation – Gateway Resources Fund.
  • Gifts in kind such as a home or land.

Canada Revenue Agency requires donors to be aware that donations to an endowment fund will be held by the Winkler Community Foundation Inc. in perpetuity for a minimum of 10 years. This means that only income that the fund generates is to be made available for grants.

In order for Winkler Community Foundation Inc. to comply with Canada Revenue Agency, your signature is required when making a donation. Please click here to download the donation form or request one by contacting the Gateway Resources office. The Winkler Community Foundation will issue a tax-deductible receipt that will be mailed to you at year end.

Please mail your donation with designation to the Gateway fund to:

Winkler Community Foundation
185 Main Street
Winkler, MB R6W 1B4
Phone: 204-362-9292