The Operations Divisionoperations

Director of Operations: Loni Derksen

The Operations Division provides a work environment suitable to the needs of adults living with an intellectual disability.

Our goal:

  • To provide meaningful work activities for individuals with intellectual disabilities;
  • To allow the people we serve to take a place in the community by producing products that have significance and value;
  • To provide opportunities to learn.



We engage participants in:

  • Recycling paper, plastics, metal, aluminum;
  • E-waste collection for the City of Winkler and surrounding area;
  • Specialty packaging;
  • Custom and confidential paper shredding;
  • The production of pallets, crates, and wooden boxes;
  • Offering products and services on a contract basis.



IMG_2586The Wood Room

The Wood Room provides basic training in carpentry skills.

We build custom-order crates and pallets which are sold to local manufacturing industries.

We are also certified by the HT Quality Program to provide heat-treated pallets and crates for export purposes.

Below are pictures of some of the pallets and crates we manufacture. For more information contact Loni Derksen at







recycling Approximately 2000 metric tonnes of recyclables are diverted from landfills annually through our recycling program.

We have been responsible for curbside pick-up of residential household recyclables for the City of Winkler since 2005.

Surrounding municipalities bring their recyclables to Gateway for processing.

We are an approved E-waste collection site (November 2009).

We have a recycling/e-waste drop-off depot, open 24/7.

Recycling gives us the opportunity to contribute to an Eco-friendly industry that supports environmental sustainability.

For a list of acceptable recyclables/E-waste click here.

For information on recyclable collection for your area please refer to the City of Winkler website.


Custom ShreddingClose up shredded paper background , full frame

We have a large commercial shredder onsite and provide confidential shredding of documents for businesses/general public at a cost of $0.22/kg. Staples and paper clips do not need to be removed from documents to be shredded.

Shredding hours – Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.