The Residential Division

Director of Housing: Dianne Hildebrand

Gateway Resources provides residential housing options for adults living with an intellectual disability who need long and/or short-term living arrangements. Our aim is to provide a home environment that is safe and supports their goals and skill development. As an agency, we equip and support staff to be respectful guests in the homes and lives of the individuals we support. These supports are funded through Family Services Manitoba.

Community Residences

Gateway operates 18 community residences, 7 in Morden and 11 in Winkler. Approximately fifty individuals make their home in these residences. They participate in regular routines of self-care and household duties along with staff supports. Residents regularly access their community by connecting with friends/family/neighbours, shopping for groceries, banking, going out for meals/movies/concerts, volunteering, attending church, and participating in a range of community events.

Staff supports are based on the needs and activities of residents. For example, in homes where individuals work part-time or are retired from regular work or day programs, full-time supports are provided. Gateway’s community residences include spaces that are wheelchair accessible and several homes have ceiling tracks/lifts which provide a safe and functional environment for individuals with mobility limitations. Each home has a Residential Manager who oversees the day-to-day needs of residents and Direct Support Professionals who work in the home.

A Residential Coordinator trains and equips Residential Managers in their role and participates in residential staff meetings. All staff work to attain the vision and mission of the agency, which is – striving for the well-being and daily potential of the individuals in each residence.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Individuals who are able to live on their own with supports for specific life skills (e.g. budgeting, household maintenance, decision-making) can rent their own apartments or living spaces. Employment and Income Assistance is involved in determining funds available for rent and utilities. Individuals manage their own funds and budget, with guidance.

Direct Support Professional services are available for an identified number of hours per week (e.g. 5 to 15 hours), according to the goals and activities of the individual. The SIL Program is also accessed through contacting a Community Service Worker at Family Services Manitoba.

Respite Services

Gateway maintains several spots in the residences that are available for use as respite for individuals who need a supported living environment for shorter periods. Respite services are accessed by making arrangements through a Community Services Worker at Family Services Manitoba.