10 Years

Recognition Awards

Anna Fehr

Anna, you do many things for the team at Maranga. From working when others are sleeping, to baking, cooking meals, and cleaning. You do your work with dedication and positivity. Congratulations on 10 years of service to Gateway and Maranga home.

Samantha Olson

Sam is a strong advocate for the people she supports. She is skilled at coaching supported individuals to do things for themselves. She encourages individuals to be involved in activities and looks for things they would be interested in doing. She is excellent in researching community activities for them. She is a caring and thoughtful person. She is a valued member of the team!

Donna Oughton

Your heart is so big, and you show so much compassion in your job. You are an amazing staff who is dedicated to giving the best support to the individuals. Thank you for being a great staff.

Denise Thiessen

Denise is an amazing asset to have at Gateway Resources. She originally worked as a DSP from 2001-2003 and returned in 2012 and quickly transitioned into a Residential Manager position. She has been part of many evolution’s at Gateway. Denise is actively involved in a diverse range of community activities and services which is reflected in the support she provides. She is a strong advocate for the people she supports to ensure they are living their lives to the fullest potential. She is always encouraging and promoting involvement within the community. Denise has been a great mentor to many new managers and staff and is always willing to step up and lend a hand or be a listening ear. She is calm, cool, and collected and is always observing- which is a great asset in her role (and in planning pranks). Thank you for everything you do for the company Denise!

Kayla Wiebe

Kayla Wiebe has worked at Gateway in many capacities over the past 10 years, both in the residential department and day services. Kayla’s positivity and humour has helped her build unique relationships with the people she supports and the co-workers she works alongside with. She goes above and beyond to provide the best possible support to the people she works with, whether it be bringing her dog for pet therapy or supporting individuals on their yearly vacations. Kayla is a strong advocate and is always looking for creative ways to make the day more fun for everyone.

Congratulations Kayla on 10 years with Gateway