15 Years

Recognition Awards

Carol Fehr

You are supportive and positive. You have a strong work ethic. Thank you for the many years of support you have provided. You are appreciated.

Jennifer Fehr

Jen is always willing to assist staff! She gives credit and encourages others along the way. Jen never complains about her team members, and she always speaks positively about everyone! Jen loves to laugh! She has built a great relationships with the residents and staff! Jen is always pleasant to talk to and she is always willing to train or help new staff. Jen always has the best interest of the individuals she is supporting. We really appreciate having you as part of our team and you are a great asset to Gateway Resources. Thank you, Jen and congratulations, on your long service award!

We appreciate you and all that you do!

Katharina Wiebe

Kathy is a hardworking individual. Her years of experience is invaluable when it comes to working with the participants and motivating them to keep doing their best throughout the day. Kathy’s calm personality is a huge asset when it comes to dealing with stressful situations, which then helps the participants remain clam. As Kathy works part time at Gateway, there is a noticeable difference in production in the paper room when she is there. It is true what they say ,many hands make light the work.

Thank you for all the work you do Kathy!

Brian Derksen

Brian Derksen joined the Board of Directors in May 2007 and moved into his current position of Chairperson in 2011. He accepts the nomination to lead the Board of Directors no matter how busy his home and work life are. Brian leads with professionalism and integrity, instilling confidence in the management and board of Gateway. He believes and supports the vision and mission of Gateway so that individuals living with an intellectual disability are provided the opportunities to grow and thrive in our communities. His enthusiasm for the role of board chair is evident in his participation in the annual events such as the summer BBQ and Christmas concert. Brian also has a passion for the employees of Gateway, recognizing that they are integral to the organization’s operations and client’s well being, ensuring they are compensated fairly, and that Gateway is seen as an Employer of Choice in the Pembina Valley.

Thank-you Brian for your 15 years of dedicated service to Gateway Resources.

Julie Funk

I’ve known Julie for five years and I enjoy working with her at Crocus. She has a soft heart for the residents she supports as well as her coworkers. Her care and attention to detail are apparent in the delicious meals and baked goods she prepares for the house and the way every piece of clothing is always neatly folded. Her friendly face in the mornings brightens our days, especially the last couple of years. I really appreciate her commitment to her work and kind uplifting attitude for the people around her.

Thank you so much for everything you do Julie. Happy 20th anniversary!

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Pete Froese
Gabriel Ardila
Sharon Tremeer
Hilda Gerbrandt
Mary Janzen
Tiffany Thiessen
Lisa Suderman
Sarah Thiessen