5 Years

Recognition Awards

Kelsie Heinrichs

Kelsie Heinrichs
How to describe Kelsie……. Kelsie is like a boomerang, no matter how many times she throws herself out into the community to try something new, she always makes her way back to working with the people at Gateway. Kelsie is hard-working, has a cheerful attitude, and an empathetic heart. The way she supports the participants throughout the day shows how much she genuinely cares for them and desires to see them succeed.

Cindy Hildebrand

Cindy has been a blessing to Gateway Resources and to the homes that she has worked in over the years. Cindy has a heart of gold and wears it on her sleeve for all to use when they need it. She is caring, compassionate, kind, blunt, and quite funny. She is a perfect combination of traits for a DSP to have. Cindy is not only loved but appreciated by all the individuals that she has had the chance to work with through the years. She has built great bonds and relationships of trust with all the residents she supports at 7th Street. She is a friend when they need a friend. She is a shoulder to cry on when someone needs help to carry their pain. She is a mentor for those who need guidance. She is joy on a dreary day and will share her smile with all those she is with.

Cindy, thank you for everything that you do for us at 7 th Street and for the residents that you support. Your hard work, flexibility, positive attitude, and sense of humour are an asset to Gateway and we are so very glad that you have chosen to stick it out with us through the years – specifically and especially through the Covid-19 pandemic, your resilience is astounding. Thank you. We appreciate you.

Anna Janzen

Well.where do I begin? You have been such a great addition to our team. You are devoted to your job and the people you support. Your silly jokes and one liners makes working with you so much fun. Thank you for your dedication and great work ethic.

Sandy McElroy

Sandy, you exude positivity. Your laughter is contagious and can be heard throughout the home. You are passionate about your work and you are a strong voice for advocacy. Sandy, you are an asset to the team and a pleasure to workwith. Thank you for your dedication.

Susan Penner

We are so excited to have Susan back in the Life Skills department! The positive energy and knowledge Susan brings to the team is so appreciated! She has the kindest heart and always gives it her all. Susan always makes sure that the participants are well cared for and is always respectful. Welcome back to Life Skills team Susan!

Margaret Reimer

You are always so cheerful and kind. You always show compassion in your job, always making sure the individuals you support are comfortable and happy. This is appreciated. Thank you for being such a great employee.

Carolyn Thiessen

If we could clone Carol, we would! Carol has been such a fun-loving and key member of the SIL team for many years. She has the ability to keep things light and has a joy that is contagious to everyone around her. She has this motherly way about her, that makes her connect seamlessly with the individuals she supports and she really sees results. She is certainly well appreciated and definitely not allowed to retire anytime soon!

Sherri Tosh

Sherri is a hardworking individual who is always looking for ways to improve, personally and professionally. In the past five years she has worked at Gateway, she has taken a lead roll on the sort line in recycling to ensure the line runs as smoothly as possible. Sherri also has a kind heart . When she sees a participant suffering, no matter how busy we are, she always takes time to see what she can do to help to make their day a little bit better. Thanks for all your hard work!