Gateway Resources provides curbside recycling pick-up service for the City of Winkler.  If you have recently moved to Winkler and do not have a blue box, please contact the City of Winkler.

Within city limits, residential curbside pickup of household recyclable items (not E-waste) is set up to co-ordinate with the city’s weekly garbage collection schedule. For information on collection dates for your area please refer to the City of Winkler Collection Calendar. To ensure recycling pick-up, please have you recycling out by 7:45 a.m. 

The Recycling Depot is open to the public 24/7 for E-waste/Cardboard/Household recyclable drop off. Please only drop off recyclables/E-waste that are on the ‘Acceptable’ list. 

Acceptable Blue Box Recyclables:
Aluminum – Beverage Cans, Trays, Pie Plates & other Containers, Foil
Box Board – Single Layer such as Cereal, Tissue Boxes
Cardboard – Corrugated
Glass – Food Jars & Beverage Containers. All Broken Glass should be put into the garbage
Milk Jugs
Milk & Juice Cartons/Boxes
Tetra-pak Containers
All Paper Products such as: 
  Newspapers, Flyers, Inserts, Junk Mail, Office Paper, Materials such as Letter Quality Paper,
  Envelopes (With or Without Windows), Copier Paper, Computer Printouts, Paper Egg Cartons, Phone Books,                    Paperback or Hardcover Books, Magazines, Catalogues, Bagged Shredded Paper, Brown Paper Bags,
  Tissue Roll Cores, Gift and Packing Paper
Plastics with Recycling Logo #1, 2, 4, 5, & 7 such as:
  Pop & Water Bottles, Laundry Detergent Jugs, Shampoo Bottles,
Condiment Bottles, Food Containers such as                Yogurt, Margarine, etc.
Tin Cans – Soup cans, Ketchup cans, etc.

Please Remember To:
-Empty and Rinse all Containers
-Flatten Cardboard Boxes

We Do Not Accept:
#3 Plastics
#6 Plastics
Bubble Wrap
Disposable Diapers
Fluorescent Bulbs/Light Bulbs
Household Hazardous, Bio-hazardous, Chemical Waste Containers  (Accepted at the City of Winkler Public Works    Yard – 345 1st St.)
Medical Waste (Prescription Pills, Syringes, Bio-Hazardous Material)
Outdoor Lawn Furniture
Paint/Paint Cans
Photos (Glossy Paper)
Plastic Bags
Plasticized, Waxed, or Laminated Material
Propane or Helium Tanks
Pyrex or Dishware Glass, Window Glass, Mirrors, Ceramics, Porcelain
Rubber Tires
Scrap Metals
Styrofoam/Styrofoam Packing Material
Vinyl Siding
Wood Waste/Pallets
Wrapping Paper that is glossy/shiny

Acceptable E-waste – (Drop off at Recycling Depot only)
Batteries – All Sealed Single and Rechargeable Batteries. No Automotive Batteries
Cameras/Audio -Video Devices
Cell Phones/Phones/Answering Machines
Computers/Keyboards/Mice/Monitors/Video Gaming Peripherals
Cables & Conductor Wires
DVD Players, VCR’s
Fax Machines
IT Devices
Medical & Monitoring Devices
Photo Copiers, Printers, Scanners