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Why a New Logo?

June 19, 2018

March 2014 Gateway experienced a devastating fire. When we began to pick up the pieces, move forward, we made plans to build the current recycling depot and make an addition to the existing building to make room for a baler and sorting line. These additions have enabled us to meet the growing needs of the City of Winker and have allowed us to continue to expand our services for the individuals we support – to rise.
January 2016, Gateway experienced another fire. This one was smaller in nature and didn’t have as large of impact; however, contributed to the plan to continue to rise.
It was at the 2016-2017 AGM that we used the theme ‘Rising from the Ashes.’ As an image of a Phoenix was drawn, I started to think about all the changes at Gateway; how many things we had done and were doing, and how it was time to update the look of our logo.
This thought didn’t go away and I continued to joke about and envision what it would be like to have a new logo – a logo that represented change, caring, growth, and the ability to ‘rise from the ashes.’  I wanted the new logo to be bright and represent all divisions of Gateway – of the team of Direct Support Professionals (DSP), and of the individuals we support.  I didn’t want it to just be one division. Having something to showcase recycling would be obvious but wouldn’t encompass the true community of Gateway. This is when a very talented DSP drew me a picture. I loved it! I presented it to the Board of Directors as a joke and it got the ball rolling.
From there we hired Helium to give direction in the process of creating a new logo. They did a discover project with the Directors of Gateway and Board of Directors and developed a few concepts. These concepts took time and discussion, but I am pleased to say that one was exactly what I was envisioning and was picked!
The design/look of this logo has all the elements I wanted – the colors are bright, clean, crisp, and fresh. It is simple yet bold. It represents caring, compassion, support, and shows the professionalism of our agency.  Lastly the branch on the logo represents the growth we have had and the anticipated continual growth of all of our services.

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